Guitar Effects Pedal Reviews

Whether you’re looking at getting a new distortion pedal, or if you’re wondering which octave/modulation pedal is for you, then we’ve got the guides to help.

Our pedal buyers guides include extensive reviews of our top selections, video demos of the pedals, and FAQ’s related to each pedal type.

At Guitaarr, we only review the pedals we have used, so we can deliver impartial and honest advice and recommend the pedals to each style of guitarist. This means that we can recommend pedals for every genre you’re looking for. If you’re a shredder and are looking for a pedal to boost your sustain, or if you’re a funk and jazz guitarist looking for an octave pedal for live looping, we’ve got very angle considered. 

For the ultimate guitar pedal buyers guides and stompbox resources, you’re in the right place.

Pedal guides are constantly being added to the site, so keep your eyes peeled for the latest update that could help you out in your search for a new addition to your collection.